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I am Mays Feathers and I am an information technologist. I work for Dave Technologies Solution as an information manager and also an information technology tutor. I have degree certification in computer engineering from the prestigious University of Southern California and professional certification in different computer applications.

Over the decades I have managed data centers across the nation where we provide cloud computing services and other computer related services to several clients. I also offer professional computer training services and other services such as network management, software development and database administration amongst others. I also design websites and blogs for personal and corporate organizations.


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Computer Technology In Banking

The banking industry has experienced improvements in their basic operations and services rendered to customers with the use of computers.

Computer In Food Industry

Technological innovations are also used in food production with the advent of automated machines and food processing equipments.

Computer In Medical Field

Computers are also used in hospital management and administration for accounting, recording medicines, patient records, wards, visitors, staff etc.

Youse Of Computer Technology

Use of computers can also be improvised into the students curriculum and teaching techniques for better learning. The impact of computer technology is great in every area and field of life thereby, ushering us into a new age.


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Computer In Agriculture

The agricultural industry also benefits from technological advancement by the use of computers in their farming activities. Studies in recent past has shown an appreciable increase in the number of farmers who make use of computers.

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